S2G (888) Co., Ltd. has been established since June 2003 located in Ladkrabang Industrial Estate.
Our management has running snack business in Thailand for over 30 years; cover snack manufacturing,
logistic and distribution. We manufacture great tasting extruded snacks, wafer rolls, potato chip, cereal and
pellet snacks in both baked and fried types.

At S2G (888), we provide private label snacks, in variety of shapes and packaging types. You can select many kinds
of raw materials suit to your customer preferences. We also provide contract packing and vending machine operator
as well. Our packing section has many type of packing machines; vertical and horizontal packing machine, cup packing
and can packing.

We can provide graphic design to serve your market with a special price, and create attractive packaging style.

For more information, please contact us or call +6686- 519-5000

 " We provide only the best quality products customized to fit
in international preferences. We wants to put our products in
everyone’s pocket. "